Get the hell outta Dodge.

That sentence basically describes my week this far. This week has been pretty hectic, all starting from Friday last week. Speaking tests began and I fell apart. It’s been hard to cram everything I needed to do in one day into 8 hours. I try not to stay over 8 hours because that’s overtime! I know I’d get paid for it, but I really don’t NEED to stay later. I’m finally finished all my speaking tests, so now my goal is to finish TWO student written magazines. I need to type the articles up and make them all look nice.

I’m having trouble with one class and I’m honestly just ready to be done with them because the bad kids in the class make it so unpleasant. And they’re horrible in comparison to the other class of the same age group. I just can’t wait! This is basically my last few weeks with them until they change though, so that will be nice. I’m excited for the new year.

I’m heading off to Seoul this weekend, I was thinking about going down for New Years but I’ve decided to spend New Years in Busan. I usually do nothing much aside from cuddling and watching movies on New Years but my partner in crime in so far away… so I might take part in a Korean tradition, which is watching the sunrise on the beach! I never really watch sunrises so maybe this will be a nice start to the new year!

It’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit in Busan because the weather is usually pleasant. It’s sunny and nice during the day and then freezing at night. I wish it was snowing…. I wish I was home¬†not only for that reason, I love Christmas, I love seeing my family and doing Secret Santa with my friends… Amazingly, my friends got together and sent me a amazing package of gifts so I wouldn’t be left out. I wish I could celebrate with them but it made me so happy just to get that!

I don’t know what I’m doing for Christmas… There was talk of Jewish christmas aka chinese food and a movie… but I’m not sure! Something is bound to come up though. Working on Christmas eve is going to suck though!

Here’s a short entry for you, I’m trying to get in a festive mood but it’s hard when you’re not with family/loved ones! Sigh!!!

Hopefully Seoul is going to be fun this weekend, I’m heading to the Eat Your Kimchi pop-up store, staying in a new Hostel, and getting Taco bell… not to mention seeing Ju! And going to the Studio Ghibli art event… It’s going to be a good weekend!

Until next time friends,
An uncheerful B.


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