Christmas in Korea

So, Christmas has come and gone. It has been completely odd for me because I LOVE CHRISTMAS. It was so weird not being at Christmas eve dinner in person, so weird to not shop or wrap presents… I missed a lot. The homesickness hit hard this last week. I did get to skype with my family for basically the entire duration of Christmas eve dinner, but it wasn’t the same. I miss them so much! Ahh.

Either way, my Christmas celebrations lasted 3 days, starting on December 23rd at work. As soon as I got to work I was asked to help wrap gifts for the kids. We wouldn’t give gifts to everyone but we were going to have contests for the kids to win these prizes. I was applauded for my wrapping techniques, and I ended up wrapping like 30 gifts. It was fun! When classes started, I was lead into teaching a class I don’t really like. We had to practice for the carol contest, they were performing All I want for Christmas is you. Koreans love that song! After practising, we had the contest, gave some prizes out (I made a Christmas quiz for everyone) and then I lead the kids in making Christmas cards. The classes on Tuesdays are smaller so the party was a bit smaller. Work ordered us kimbap and we had dukboki, which was delicious. I taught some middle school classes and then finished up some work I had. Tuesday was fun, but I knew wednesday would be better.

One of the weird things that occurred on Tuesday AND Wednesday was that Lee and I had to take a polaroid picture with EVERY STUDENT. I’m not sure why. Also Lee was busy the one day so I did about 30 photos by myself. It was awkward, the kids didn’t want to do it, I didn’t want to do it, but I did. When I asked my coworker, she said she thought it was cool to take a picture with a foreigner. This discussion lead to a sad discovery which I’m still not over. 😦 My favourite coworker got fired. Not sure why, but I’m really upset. I’m going to miss her a lot. Sigh! Back to Christmas.

On Wednesday the party started right away. I was so pumped to get to work, I bought treats for everyone and headed to work. Only to find the doors were LOCKED. No one was there. So I started work at 2 instead of my usual 1. In the first portion of the day I made Christmas cards with my little guys, and we practised for the carol contest. They were super nervous so they didn’t do that well but they were so cute. I was happy because I got to judge the carol contest both days. I love getting involved with school stuff. We’re a pretty easy going school but we get our stuff done. I really enjoy my job.

After the contest, one of my classes won the pizza party, I was so proud! We headed back to our classes. I had to take pictures again, so I put on Frozen for the kids I was in charge of. After the market and the movie, I headed back to class and I serenaded my students with Love is an Open door. I did both parts. I love that movie and song hahaha. I had fun teaching the rest of the night, I wore christmas socks and slippers all day at work so that was cool.

After work, I had to head to Seomyeon with Kate to rescue her lost phone. She had just got this thing repaired and then she lost it after a rough night. Turns out it was at a bar she frequents so we headed there to pick it up. I saw my first pole dancing session in person, and we got her phone back. She bought me some ice cream and cheese fries to celebrate the return of her phone and we made our way back to Hwamyeong.

On Christmas day, I woke up early and skyped with my family for nearly 3 hours. I miss them so much… sigh. That was great. Then I prepared all the stuff for the Christmas party. Milli picked me up at 3 and then we headed to her house to get ready. The night was super fun! There was a fantastic group of people: Daniel, Jenny, Grace, Tom. Lynette, Michael, Milli and Oliver. Oliver is Milli’s new coworker and he is super cool! He also has a corgi that he shares with his girlfriend. He is a sweetie. We had a great party and did a white elephant exchange and everyone ended up liking their presents so that was fun. Haha. After the party, I made my way to the movie theatre and saw Into the Woods with Kate. It was a great ending to Christmas. 🙂

Heading back to work the next day kind of sucked but I only have two days left of work this year, AHH. So crazy to think about.

For this weekend, I basically spent all of Saturday in bed (I did watch a few movies this weekend: Dumb and Dumber To, Men Women and Children, Still Alice, Life Partners, The Purge Anarchy and now I’m going to watch Empire Records haha). And hung out with Milli for a bit. And today Milli and I went to the market, ran into the dog section 😦 😦 :(, and then headed back to Hwamyeong. We had a super disappointing dinner, great dessert and now I’m here, blogging and posting pictures. Kind of a lazy weekend but it’s been nice to chill out.

Excited to celebrate the new year in Busan! I hope everyone had a great holiday!!

Happy new year, all the best in 2015~~

-B xoxox


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