Hwamyeong Hotspot: Fraiser Bakery

wpid-20150121_122321.jpg Frasier Pain au levain Naturel is a newer bakery to Hwamyeong. And it is a fantastic addition! Hwamyeong has a lot of awesome bakeries (I’ve been to almost all of them) and this one is pretty unique. The store is very, very small and has a limited selection but everything I’ve tried there has been amazing.

First of all, the chef is so friendly! I believe the woman I usually talk to is the owner, who speaks pretty fantastic English. She is super helpful and always has good recommendations. She also give out samples of her work. She is very proud of it and it shows. She sometimes comes out with flour on her face, which really is funny but it shows she’s someone who gets really into her work.

The bread at Frasier is almost vegan, but I’m not 100% certain. They don’t use milk or eggs in the bread dough, usually just canola oil or sunflower oil, and it is all delicious. They do use cheese in some breads though so be wary. I’ve sampled quite a few things from there and everything has been great. (I’ll include some pictures of the food later, I just can’t find them on my computer… 😦 ).

The store always smells amazing, and they offer pretty decent prices for their product. Now bakeries here are usually cheap, but Fraiser is a bit higher prices, but you’re paying for great quality food. Things run from 500w – 6000w (one being a small roll of bread the other being a full loaf of sourdough).

The things I’ve tried from Fraiser include:

  • Blueberry cream cheese bun – tasted like a blueberry bagel with cream cheese.
  • Pumpkin sourdough roll and regular sourdough roll – both were soft and delicious
  • loaf of Three cheese bread – this was incredibly soft and made awesome grilled cheeses
  • Pizza bun – totally awesome, just pepperoni and tomato sauce but the delicious dough made up for the lack of cheese.
  • Cheese cibatta bun – this was delicious! and the first time I have seen cibatta in Korea. It was filled with cream cheese and had roll cheese (I think it’s cheese strings cut up) in it.

They have a lot more things and I’m looking forward to trying them! If you want to go to Fraiser in Hwamyeong, just exit the subway station near Lotte Mart, cross the street towards the Samsung Store/To the Different, turn right and when you get to the Davich optical store make a left. Fraiser is on that small street next to a DVD store and a book store. it’s kind of small so keep your eye out for it.

So here is the first in my Hwamyeong Hotspot series. If you have any questions or want to know about anything else, please feel free to leave a comment. 🙂


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