Goodbyes and Valentines…


Feeding pigeons on the beach on a beautiful day.

So the last post was a quick post about my work life, so this one is about my social life in February! Since my last weekend post, which was FAR too long ago, I’ve had quite a few weekends. One of them including valentines! This was my first Valentines Day in almost 6 years without my Valentine. So, I filled the day with super great activities! First off, Grace and I went to the foreigner market. Some of the expats in Busan have put together a monthly market where they sell foreign goodies, like cookies and candy and hummus and yogurt and all this stuff. It’s great! They fundraise for BAPS (Busan abandoned pet society) and Educate a child. I loved going because I got some Terry’s Chocolate Orange bars and they were heavenly. I had to miss the March event because I was in Japan, but I will be going to the April eventwpid-1423900158569.jpeg for sure!  After Grace and I wandered the market, we had some delicious meat pies on the beach, explored the wholesale fish market in Gwangan (where we were accosted for a picture from a very eager fisherman) and then met up with some more people to go back to Taejondae!

Yes, we were going back to Taejondae. Grace LOVES seafood, it’s her favourite. Lynette also loves it so we made our way to Taejondae and had a shellfish feast. Lynette also introduced me to the best instant ramen hack ever. Shin Ramyun with an egg poured into it, which turns it into these delicious noodley strands. I did this to my regular ramen and it was awesome… Sigh, so delicious. Anyways, our seafood was really good. Cheesey and buttery and I had an oyster for the first time (gross.). 2/10 do not recommend. Afterwards we went to a multi-bang (multimedia room) and played Mario party (I won).  Korea is so great because if you want to do something, you can. Multibangs are really fun as an expat because most of us don’t want to buy a gaming console and games in a country where they won’t work at home, so we can play Mario kart for like $5 each for 3 hours. It’s great.

We also went to the makeolli bar we like in Seomyeon, had some of my favourite pumpkin pajeon, and then made our wpid-img_20150217_215625.jpgway home. I had a great valentines day with some great people. It was the perfect beginning to the week because that was the 2 day work week! My boss gave us all a wonderful gift set for the new year, I still have no idea what to do with all my spam but alas… Anyway, my laptop was broken and sent back to me the last day of work so that was great. I stayed in Busan my whole break and had a staycation. I caught up on TV shows, blog posts (at the time), and spent some time with Kate, who would be leaving at the beginning of March. We saw Kingsmen (AMAZING!) and The Imitation Game (also amazing but for other reasons) and also went to Nampo-dong where the hotteok guy noticed us coming back for seconds… haha. I also ended my vacation bywpid-20150218_194920.jpg buying two new pairs of glasses! I’m very happy with them now but they took a lot of time to get used to because they are a really different prescription… a lot weaker which is kind of nice. My coworker helped me and we got them all fixed up though, so they’re all good now!

wpid-img_20150224_210147.jpgFebruary was also my last month with my 3rd grade Middle school students. In March, when the Korean school year starts, they were going to high school. They were such a great group of kids, liked joking around with me and we always had great classes together. On our last class I made them write letters to them selves set five years in the future. Some of the answers were jokes, but some of them were very endearing and sweet… I’m going to miss them a lot! I already do and they’ve only been gone a month. The new students in their level are quiet and nice but I can’t wait to have the jokey comradery we had before.

I can’t believe that February is already done and gone, and now we’re almost at the end of March. Time is flying in Busan. And I am loving almost every day. wpid-img_20150214_182339.jpg

Currently drafting a month view post for March too, I don’t know if I’ll continue this format but I do enjoy writing it. Shorter, sweeter and I get more done.

Until next time!


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