In like a lion…

wpid-img_20150308_181137.jpgMarch! What a wonderful month thus far… It has had some goodbyes and hellos and it’s been great. I remember reading a saying when I was in elementary school that March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb (or the reverse too sometimes…). Well, my March did come in like a lion, that’s for sure. On the last day of February, we had a big group of people gathered to go get crab for dinner and apparently celebrate a birthday. I had made plans with Grace and a few other people to get giant crab on Saturday and then there were birthday plans for Milli added on to it, woo hoo~. We ended up wpid-20150228_181706.jpghaving dinner at this beautiful restaurant in Gwangalli, called Brunswick. I had a chili burger (with no chili, sadly) and I want to go back there for brunch one day! After dinner, we made our way to HQ, a foreigner bar in Gwangan. We had been there before when I went to the chili cookoff. We  had a few drinks, played cards against humanity. After a while, I met some new friends (Erica, who is so cool!) and then we went to KSU, a popular clubbing/bar district. I hadn’t planned to stay out so late, but Grace and I stayed out until the subway started running again, and we both passed right out on the train. Thankfully I woke up two stops from our home. It was such a fun night, we played beer pong and everyone just had a great time. One of the best nights I’ve had so far…
wpid-img_20150301_210335.jpgThe next day wasn’t as pleasant, for obvious reasons. We had made plans to go look for a fancy jimjilbang in Ochenjeong. We had a super slow start, had samgetang (pork spine soup) for lunch (perfect for our hangovers… hahaha) and then made our way to HurShimChung spa. This spa claims to be the biggest in Asia and I’d agree. It was huge, clean, and so very warm. The uniform was also very, very, sexy. Bahahaha. Milli, Grace, Karolyne, and I all had a good soak, a delicious snack of naengmyeon (cold noodles) and ramyun, and then a long nap in the most comfortable sleeping area ever. We had a slow day on the first of March but that’s just began we started it so crazily… haha.


The goodbye girls

Work started and I got some new students, and also during the week I had to say goodbye to Kate. Kate and I did a lot of things together while she was here, and we made some good memories. She is off travelling in South East Asia right now and having some great adventures. She left right before the weekend, where by some weird chance, a new girl named Kate came to live in Hwamyeong! On Saturday we went to the first soccer game of the Busan Ipark season and BUSAN WON! Woo, we beat Daejeon. It was a great weekend because I met Kate, Megan, and Alice. I love meeting new people and we had such a fun weekend! We had a big group of people and we made our way to Seomyeong for jimdak, and then we had bingsuu for dessert. Megan, Kate and Milli made their way back to KSU for a pub crawl and Oliver, Alice, Lynette, Tom, Grace and I went to the “penis” bar and then spent the night singing it away in a noraebang. Unfortunately the amazing noraebang with the slide is GONE. wpid-img_20150308_023804.jpgCompletely gutted. We were very sad… But either way it was a fun night. I used a squat toilet for the first time and… well it happened. Hahaha. Sunday was amazing as well because we went on an amazing boat cruise. A group of us met up in Haeundae for some fish and chips (it was alright, not amazing) and then we walked along the beach to get to our boat. We row the boat as the sun set, and all the lights on Gwangan beach were amazing. It was kind of chilly but we had an amazing view of the city. I really do love Busan…wpid-20150308_160118.jpg


Free toast/juice at Hwamiju, I love this salon~

The second full weekend of March (the 14th) was Grace’s last weekend in Busan. It was kind of sad for me because I miss her a lot already! We still keep in contact but it sucks that we can’t hang out for the next few years (she’ll be heading off the Ethiopia in June!). We made her last weekend as fun as possible! Her replacement, Megan, is a super cool girl. She is also sad Grace is leaving, haha. On the morning of the 14th, I went back to Hwamiju salon and got my hair done. I went with Kate, who was going to go blonde. She ended up not getting anything done, but I got a trim and come ombre done to my hair. I really like it, but I wish I could curl my hair like they did… haha. After my hair was done, I met up with some other girls and we had lunch at a restaurant that is right behind my apartment. It ended up being the best bibimbap that I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to go back! It was in a huge hot pan, and it was so tasty… Ahh. Megan, Grace, and I went to Cafe Bingbingbing for some bingsu, and then we all made our way to Yeosan some the best dakgalbi I’ve ever had in my life. I am not a fan of dakgalbi. But this dakgalbi was on another level. It was in this small restaurant and they knew what they were doing. I can’t wait to eat it again…. We finished the night in Seomyeon, with some mario party and noraebanging. It was a great night.

On Sunday we ventured to Nampo, where Grace and I had had sanakji (live octopus) and a delicious platter of fried fish.wpid-img_20150315_133108.jpg After lunch we met up with Megan and Kate, I took them around Nampo and then we made our way back to Hwamyeong. Not before Megan and I went to Seomyeon again. Seomyeon Lotte Department store has a Kakao friends pop up store right now on the 7th floor. We were so happy. I bought quite a few things and I am so happy with them. Hahaha. We ended the night with bulgogi barbeque and bingsu from Wicked Snow. I hope Grace had a great last weekend in Busan, I enjoyed it. 🙂


The third weekend of March I made my way to Osaka, Japan. I will have a whole post dedicated to that wonderful weekend up soon! The next weekend of March was spent in Gyeonju and Deokchon, but I’ll have posts about that up later as well!


As for now, I’m going to enjoy the last weekend of March, let’s see if it goes out like a lamb… We have some fun stuff planned so I doubt it will, haha.

Until next time,


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