…Out like lamb.

wpid-img_20150328_173816.jpgMarch did indeed go out like a lamb. As the month ended in the middle of a week, it was kind of hard to get into some trouble during that time! I was having some elbow pain but some Tylenol ER and an arm wrap helped, that was about it nothing more exciting. The last weekendwpid-img_20150328_134251.jpg of March, I had plans to go to a temple but ended up sleeping in and missing the bus unfortunately. But as did a few other girls and we all decided to make our way to Gyeongju. Now Grace did give people homework to go visit this city, but we didn’t really plan the trip 100%! We basically got on a train and let ourselves get fully lost in Gyeongju. Emphasis on the lost part because at one point I lost our only map… haha.

wpid-img_20150328_164011.jpgWe saw some beautiful things in Gyeongju, including Anapji pond, the Botanical gardens, the beginning of cherry blossom season, a little flea market, and lots of tombs. We also wandered through a food village and a local market. Gyeongju is a slow, sleepy city that I look forward to going back to. The weather was beautiful (I am looking forward to putting my brand new prescription sunglasses to use) and we got to see some of the coolest parts of Gyeongju. It’s close enough to do a day trip which is nice because then I don’t have to pay for an accommodation. The train leaves from Busan station to Shingyeonju, and then you can take a bus from wpid-img_20150328_135639.jpgShingyeonju station to lots of places in Gyeongju. Or you can just take a bus from Nopo terminal to Gyeongju bus terminal. I’m going to return in the next few weeks, with a more thought out plan of course.

Saturday night had us back in Nampo where we had Farmer’s burgers, and then Megan and I met up with the lovely Alice  for some bubble tea. We drank our tea in Gong Cha (WHERE THEY RAN OUT OF EARL GREY, THE wpid-img_20150328_174229.jpgHORROR!) and just chatted. I have bonded with both of them a lot over the last few weeks and I’m really happy they’re here. Good people really make your time in a place a lot better.

After tea, we decided to call it a night. We’re not ones to club or anything so we were back home before midnight and I was probably into some TV show I had missed. On Sunday, I explored the Gupo market again, gettingwpid-img_20150329_131259.jpg some veggies and fruit. i also explored a lot of Deokchon with a friend, we got some great toast from a street stand and then went back to Hwamyeong for dinner. We had the best bibimbap at a restaurant near my apartment that was in a giant cast iron pot that made all the rice crispy and delicious. In the evening, I had bingsu with Kate and we wandered around Hwamyeong and chatted.wpid-img_20150329_143939.jpg

wpid-img_20150402_123557.jpgDuring the week I contracted a super annoying stomach bug that had me laying in bed surviving on gingerale and soda crackers for the better part of Tuesday and Wednesday. Thankfully I felt better on Thursday and it was good because my boss treated everyone to lunch. I had recently walked around Hwamyeong a bit more with Kate one night and we found some restaurants outside of the main area. My boss ended up taking us to lunch at a Korean style Italian restaurant and it was really good. It just to happened to be located in the area I had discovered only a short time before! We had a salad with ricotta cheese and nuts, and we shared a bolognese pasta, a carbonara pasta, and a pizza that had 4 different types: garlic shrimp, spicy meat, margarita and gorgonzola… After lunch we went for coffee and then we all started work! It was such a good way to spend the morning, I love my coworkers.

The first weekend of April was a promising one: I was going to my first baseball game AND there was the Jinhae cherry blossom festival. Saturday started out nice. The weather was beautiful, a bit overcast but it was warm enough. I went to Seomyeon to get some clothes from H&M with Kate and Kristin, and we also had Subway. wpid-img_20150404_120851.jpg Ahh. I got some cute things from H&M, and I found some great shopping partners. I love when people also like shopping because I wpid-img_20150404_155147.jpgcan actually do it for hours. We grabbed some coffee after, hit some cosmetics stores and then met up with Megan and Alice to go back to the Kakao Popup store. Of course I bought more things and then we all set off to go to the baseball game!

Of course when we were walking to the subway it started to POUR rain. So much rain was falling they had to shut down the escalators leaving Sajik station. When we got to the stadium we found out the game was cancelled. My first baseball game was so disappointing, haha. Don’t be sad for me though, we got a refund and then we made our way back to Seomyeon. We enjoyed delicious pumpkin pajeon and flavoured magekolli until Megan, Alice and I decided to get dakgalbi. There’s an amazing restaurant near Yangjeong station that has the BEST dakgalbi I’ve ever had. I’m not a huge fan of dakgalbi but this stuff is just incredible. I had it two weekends in a row and I have no regrets…

It was a trio adventure for Megan, Alice, and I and our mild tipsiness might have been annoying to the people around us (we weren’t that bad but I think we might have scared some people with our laughter).wpid-img_20150404_205613.jpg But we had such a good night together! Then we ended the night by sitting in the subway station getting out of the rain and into some Kakao bread. I got a Frodo and Neo sticker, Megan got Jay G (AHAHAHAH) and Alice gowpid-img_20150404_221653.jpgt Muzi. I really enjoyed spending time with these girls haha. They’re such good people.

I’m going to save my next post for my entire experience at the Jinhae Cherry Blossom festival. It was a great day and I got a lot of pictures.

I’m also hitting 6 months since I left Canada AND six months since I’ve started this blog. Thanks for sticking it out and reading! I have really enjoyed blogging and I’m glad to meet some new people and other bloggers. Woo.
Got some exciting posts coming up, so look forward to them!!

Until next time!


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