Lots of blossoms, no bread.

wpid-img_20150405_114942.jpgWhen we booked our trip to the Cherry Blossom festival, we had a large group, Though it was a bit smaller when we did get to the festival, we still had a wonderful day. Our group was great: Megan, Alice, Tom, Lynette, Karolyne, Milli, Max and we also met up with Milli’s friend, Eli, when we got to Jinhae. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to spend the day with. As Saturday was horribly rainy and stuff, I was worried that our Sunday would be just as bad. We all came prepared with umbrellas and rain gear but thankfully the day just was gloomy. It barely rained at all. It made for some gorgeous pictures at the Eco park too.

We made our way to Jinhae with Enjoy Korea, a tour group here. They picked us up in Deokchon at 10am and we were in Jinhae around 12. It was jam packed with wpid-img_20150405_131414.jpgpeople and traffic and we even were able to watch an entire movie on the way there. We watched Zoolander, which was just as funny as I remembered it to be. And I enjoyed seeing a tiny baby Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard). When we did get to Jinhae finally we were dropped off at the train station. In Jinhae there were cherry blossoms on basically every street. It was so anime it wasn’t even funny. At first we wandered around a but lost, but soon found the bus station area and took a few group pictures.

wpid-img_20150405_133120.jpgAfter that we had to wander back through Jinhae to find the romance bridge. This was the centerpiece of the cherry blossom festival. Basically it was a 2km bridge lined with cherry blossoms. The river below had lanterns in it, there were art pieces decorating it and at one point you could even walk alongside the river. This was the most beautiful place to be and I enjoyed it so much. After walking basically the whole bridge, we got some snacks, and headed back to the main wpid-img_20150405_134044.jpgarea.wpid-img_20150405_133413.jpg

We could the eco park and decided to look around. There were so many different ponds and flowers, it really was beautiful. I took some great shots here!


wpid-img_20150405_143423.jpgAs well, there was a tour group who, creepily, were having a photoshoot with three little girls. They blocked the way a lot and it was very very weird… anyway… We walked around the whole eco park, I fed some fish… (illegally. I’m a rebel). And then made our way back to the romance bridge. Afer wandering back down, we decided to split up and get food.

wpid-img_20150405_141058.jpgMegan, Alice, and I ventured through the festival and found that all the stalls had the same food. We weren’t really feeling anything there so we kept walking. I was going to get some cherry blossom bread BUT the line was SO long and I did not want to wait for the entire day so we didn’t get any…We walked a bit more, we also made a stop at the navy headquarters in Jinhae. It turns out we just wanted McDonalds and we were all satisfied.wpid-img_20150405_143535.jpg

wpid-img_20150405_151258.jpgMegan and Alice are so fun to be around and made the day just so much better. Everyone on the trip was a blast and honestly, good people make your best days even better. Afterwards we headed back to the bus and made our way back to Busan. Unfortunately traffic was super bad so it took a longer time than usual to get wpid-img_20150405_162938.jpgback which kind of sucked but whatever.

We were going to grab dinner in Deokchon but there was a super long wait for the place we wanted, so Alice ended up heading back to Busanjin and Megan and I made our way back to Hwamyeong. We ended up grabbing some fried chicken and just sat chatting for the longest time.

Good days make it so much easier to be far away from home.

So now I’m about through the first week of April and I’m heading into the first week of May! How weird how time is flying. I have a few days off which is nice so I’m just going to stay around Busan because it’s a long weekend for a lot of people. I hope whatever you’re doing you’re having a great day!

Next post will be an April roundup, hopefully it will be up before too much into May. MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Woo. Also I’ll be posting another Hwamyeong Hotspot as well 🙂wpid-img_20150405_144105.jpg

Until next time,


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