Hwamyeong Hotspot #3 – Eat Bread

I haven’t written one of these in a while so bear with me! This is probably my absolute favourite bakery in Hwamyeong. And that is saying a lot. My friends and I all have different ones we like, there are many… but Eat Bread has been my go-to choice for the last 6 months. I have no idea if it is a chain but I haven’t seen another one of these storefronts since coming to Korea.


Eat Bread is a small shop located next to one of my other favourite places (post coming soon!) They have various kinds of baked goods and cakes and it’s all very cheap. Out of almost all the bakeries in Hwamyeong, I think it is the cheapest. They have good snack breads, loaves of bread, baguettes, sandwiches… you name it, they’ve probably got it. They also bring in new things to try every once in a while. A few weeks ago I posted this on my instagram and I haven’t seen it since then but it was super delicious.It was a cream puff but the cream was mixed with berries and the puff was made with chocolate chips inside of it. I have tried a lot of different things from Eat Bread so I’ll give you my top 5 favourite things to get from there.

  1. The Cheese bread – This has changed in size since I got here (into a smaller, cheaper version) but basically it’s a soft bun filled with cheese and ham. It’s only 1000w and I grab them for dinner sometimes if I forget to bring a lunch. Super cheap, filling, and tasty.
  2. The Coconut Meringues – These are incredible. They’re a small snack that come in chocolate or vanilla and they’re basically a meringue mixed with coconut. Super sweet, super addictive. I give them to my coworkers sometimes. You get a bag of 15-20 of them for 1900w.
  3. Dinner rolls – You get a pack of 9 for 3000w, a bit pricier than the other things but these make great slider buns and they’re just a nice snack bread. They’re small but not too sweet.
  4. Black Sesame Donuts – They’re a twisted fried bread made with rice flour. These are found in a lot of bakeries in Korea but Eat Bread sells them for 700w, the cheapest I’ve found.
  5. Various Cream breads – They have a few breads that they fill with whipped cream. My favourite used to be the croissant, but I have started to like the crispy bread with cream. They also had this amazing chocolate bread cube filled with cream but I haven’t seen it in a bit!

If you’re looking for a cheap snack or just something sweet, Eat Bread is open 8-11:30 M-S. I go a few times a week and sometimes they give me free breads to try. They’re friendly and always have a great variety of bread. After a certain time the bread is 20% if you pay with cash. It’s a nice place!

To get there: From the subway, go out the exit before Lotte Mart, come up the stairs and go right if you’re in front of Lotte Mart, left if you’re near KEB, and then follow that street up passed Natuurpop. You’ll pass a HUGE DropTop cafe, and Eat Bread, with its flashing “FRESH BREAD” sign will be right across from Pizza Avolo.


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