It’s gonna be maaaaay

wpid-img_20150509_161631.jpgNo, it is May. Officially May. Halfway through May really. But this post is about my adventures thus far in the month of May.(And also I sang It’s gonna be me by NSYNC at noraebang twice this month already…)This month is probably one of my most exciting months here! Not only is it my birthday month, but we have TWO long weekends, and I have plans basically every weekend.

May started out with a lovely long weekend. I finished work on May 1st at my usual 10pm time and then I was not due back at work until the following Wednesday. I had thought about taking a short trip somewhere but of course there was a vacation for quite a few people so flights were expensive and due to Golden week in Japan, a lot of the hostels were booked so I had a lot of trouble finding accommodation. So I was stuck in Busan. I thought about going to Seoul but then remembered I had plans later in May to go.


So, here I was in Busan on a long weekend. There are worse places to be, I was content to have a lovely little staycation once again. On the first weekend of May, it was my friend Tom’s last weekend in Busan. We celebrated that Saturday wpid-img_20150502_194746.jpgby having a few drinks at his favourite bar, the Penis bar. We had lovely flavoured makgeolli and snacks, and then made our way to a noraebang. We sang the night away in one of the coolest noraebangs I’ve ever beewpid-img_20150502_185524.jpgn to, which had over 50 rooms and so many bridges. We stayed out until the late hours of the morning and then I passed out in my bed. I spent basically the entire day in bed Sunday, something I haven’t done in a long time. I watched a few movies, rested, and just enjoyed doing nothing.

wpid-img_20150502_213904.jpgThe next day I had a mission. We had planned a Taco Tuesday event on May 5th because it was Children’s day and everyone had the day off work. I had to go to HomePlus to grab snacks and other party essentials (read: soju.) In Sasang they had a beautiful public garden with some interesting art installations too. It smelled delicious. The party overall went off without a hitch, and without many drinks thankfully. We had some super delicious chicken/beef/bean tacos that were a community effort. (I was in charge of protein!). We enjoyed the sun on the rooftop area of my friend’s apartment, listened to music, and just had a good day off of work. We wpid-img_20150505_152330.jpgended the day by walking through Hwamyeong Eco park, and we saw some muskrats. wpid-img_20150504_161026.jpgThey’re kind of like otters but smaller? I thought were so cute! It was the perfect way to end the day because it was really beautiful out.

Going back to work the next day kind of sucked, but it was a new semester, a short work week, and I had a good weekend to look forward to so I couldn’t complain too much. Surprisingly it went quite quick but on Friday, which I hoped would be the best day at work, it was HORRIBLE. My kids were so disobedient and just poorly behaved. Not all of them of course, but my last class just put me in such a sour mood.wpid-img_20150508_171339.jpg Thankfully I have a great group of friends who let me soon forget that after work. We played some drinking games at Gillian’s place, and then headed out to the CU. As of Midnight I was officially 24!

My mom called me, my boyfriend wpid-img_20150506_163352.jpgcalled me, and my friends sang to me. It was so lovely and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I also laughed a lot, which is something I love. My new Korean friends at the CU made sure I got my dose of birthday beats…. Hmph. The CU was alive even though it was very, very late. We hung out there, of course went to Lotteria for snacks, and then a few of us ended up at Megan’s apartment until almost 6am. It was just nice sitting and talking and we even watched an episode of Happy Endings.

I kind of regretted staying up so late but by noon wpid-img_20150509_192912.jpgthe next day I was up and ready to go to the foreigner market! We didn’t make it out there until just after 2 but Gillian and I got lots of snacks and treats. Megan met up with us and we enjoyed lounging on the beach for a few hours. Karolyne and Lynette met us in Gwangan and we had a delicious BBQ dinner. Afterwards we went to a coffee shop where the windows looked out on the beach and there was a live concert going on. It was a perfect night. And then there was cake. My friends got me this wpid-1431691957159.jpegdelicious blueberry layered cake. Ahh it was gone so fast but it was too good. I was certainly spoiled on my birthday. We headed into Seomyeon, back to the karaoke place we went to the week before, where we sang for an hour (and a half, thanks service!). Because we had a larger group we were in the biggest noraebang room I’ve ever seen. Also we had some birthday luck: got to the CU as they got a shipment of HONEY BUTTER CHIPS! Basically a coveted item in Korea right now. I was so excited.

wpid-img_20150509_234928.jpgAfterward, we ended the night in a popular clubbing area called KSU. I had been there before, and we had a few drinks, wpid-img_20150510_225545.jpgplayed beer pong, and then headed to a club my friend is currently obsessed with. After a bit of dancing, I was ready to go home so I did. I had a wonderful birthday here and I’m so thankful for my friends here and for anyone who sent me birthday wishes. It’s a little scary being far away from all the comforts and friends from home but my friends here made the day so wonderful for me. I really appreciate them.

The next day, a group of ladies and I spent the day in SpaLand! I hadn’t been since January (my first time) and I took the chance and got a scrub again. It felt so nice just soaking and relaxing all day. I think I’ll spend the entire 4 hours in the bath area next wpid-img_20150510_184528.jpgtime… haha. My friend Gillian has made a promise to herself that she’s going to go once a month from now on! I like it more in the winter but I will be going back for sure.

After SpaLand, we had a really good dinner in the food court (Johnny Rocket’s for me) and then Gillian and I went shopping at H&M. I ended by birthday weekend by purchasing a cute dress and a nice sweater that I’m gonna get a lot of use from in the next few weeks. (It’s a super lightweight sweater).

And now I’ve just finished the second party day at work. Today was also Teacher’s Day and I was very lucky to receive wpid-img_20150515_174102.jpga few gifts and letters from my students.It was a fun day but I’m really burnt out from being so high energy for the last two days and painting kid’s hands and stuff haha. I am looking forward to this weekend though.wpid-img_20150515_155133.jpg

A group of us girls from Hwamyeong AND ALICE (who is finally back in Korea!! woo) are going to Seoul to go to the Lantern festival with WINK! You’ll be able to read my whole post about that when I get back. I’m really looking forward to it. And then the following weekend I get my first visitor from home! I’m so excited.

May really is the best month!

I hope you have a great weekend!!

Until next time,
a newly 24-year-old B.



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