Hwamyeong Hotspot #4: The AGIT

wpid-img_20150626_171501.jpgThe AGIT is one of my newest discoveries but it’s easily becoming one of my favourite places in Hwamyeong. My friend Alice had recommended me to go here many times but it wasn’t until Gillian invited me for lunch that I actually went. I regretted not listening to Alice sooner! The AGIT is a huge cafe located in the basement of a building. The entire cafe is filled with different types of seating arrangements, including sitting on a cosy floor spot, or comfy couches, a Christmas tree, a nail salon, and even a doggy playroom. They have a mascot, Pepsi, who is a large sheepdog.wpid-img_20150626_171416.jpg

The menu seems small but they always have a variety of different things available. I’ve had a few things and I’m trying something new each time I go back. The AGIT charges the usual $4-$7 for a drink and $7-$10 for food, but it’s worth it. Everything I’ve tried from there was been delicious.

I’d recommend the strawberry latte, blueberry smoothie, and the BLT.The bread is amazing and I never want it to end when I’m eating it. They also have a delicious huge burger that is super satisfying. I’d recommend anyone in the Buk-gu area to check out wpid-img_20150627_130729.jpgThe AGIT. They’ve been open since 2013 and they’re super friendly. Every time I’ve went with my friends they’ve gone out of their way to be extra kind and even given us great serbisu (free stuff).

I’ll be going back to The AGIT any time I want a chill reading area, or a good meal.

How to get there: From Hwamyeong station, take exit 1. Walk to the corner of Lotte Mart, across from the Samsung Store and To the Different. Walk directly up the street until you get to Lotteria. Cross the street towards the GS25, then walk up that street towards the CGV. You’ll see a pet store with a bunch of smiling animals outside of it. Go in that building, pass the cute animals on display and go down to B1. If you take the elevator, you’ll end up right into the thick of The AGIT.



4 thoughts on “Hwamyeong Hotspot #4: The AGIT

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  2. Found this post after searching agit and hwamyeon. My wife and I loved this place glad to see it is still around. If you haven’t tried it yet there is an excellent cafe down by McDonalds I believe it is Indonesian.


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