Smellivision is HERE!

wpid-20150627_163343.jpgHave you ever seen 1600 of something in one spot? I can officially say I have now. I went to an event recently that popped up in Busan finally after making it’s journey across Korea. When I saw the WWF event 1600 Pandas was in Busan, I made sure that I was going to see them. They were only in Busan one weekend: June 26th-28th. My friend wpid-img_20150627_162942.jpgAlice and I made our way to Busan’s Citizen’s Park on a gloomy Saturday afternoon, after an extended lunch at The Agit. The pandas were on display from 12:00-5:00pm. We arrived shortly after 4 and there were still many people around. Busan Citizen’s Park is a huge, beautiful park that took 100 years to come to fruition. It was finally built-in 2012 and it’s just a wonderful place to visit. I’m thankful the pandas were there because now I know how great it is! After Alice and I got many a picture of pandas, wpid-img_20150627_130729.jpgwe grabbed some ice cream and we wandered around the park.

There are all the elements of a regular park: playgrounds for kids, splash pad areas, and then it expands. There are rolling fields for people to hang out and day-camp in, and there is a huge pond with a musical fountain and plenty of koi fish. There is also a sky waterfall that wasn’t working when we were there, but it still looked cool. We also saw a couple who brought their cats witht hem to the park. The cats were all kinds of distressed and it was pretty unsettling but hey, they weren’t my cats… Korea’s pretty careless when it comes to animal welfare. We walked around the park for at least an hour or two and then we wpid-img_20150627_163540.jpgheaded to Pusan National University, or PNU.

We had went previously for Gillian’s birthday, and we were going to PNU for one reason: to go to James Kitchen. THis place has been getting rave reviews on Busan Food, a facebook group for all the good restaurants in Busan, and when we finally got wpid-img_20150627_170519.jpgthere we were pissed because they were sold out for the day! So sad! We will try to go back sometime, but we settled for Papas Tacos, a place we also went on Gillian’s birthday, and we scarfed down a huge order of Frito pie add some steak tacos.

We explored all the areas of PNU, all the small boutiques. I didn’t end up buying too much but I had such a great day just shopping with Alice. PNU is such a chilled out area and it has a lot of great food and stores. As well, it has an all-cross intersection that really reminded me of Yonge and Dundas in Toronto… Made me think of home
wpid-img_20150627_212050.jpg*tear*. I finally got to sample the Croissant Taiyaki, a new popular street food. It was a fish-shaped croissant filled with apples. So good. After our feet were well tired and our stomachs were full, we made the journey back home.

Sunday was promising because I had made plans to go to Centum City! A group of us met in Hwamyeong for noon, because one of the girls lost her phone. Fortunately for us, she lost it near Dongbaek station! Do know where we went for lunch? SUSHI BERRY! Sushi Berry, if you remember was the American style sushi place in Busan. We all had a delicious lunch of tempura and sushi, and left super full and super happy. Olivia got her phone back and we were off to Centum city. After a bit of shopping, a bit wpid-img_20150627_174813.jpgof exploring the Zooraji (9F of Centum, arguably the best part.) we met up with some more ladies and then Olivia, Rox, Leah and I went to see Jurassic World in 4DX! It was my first time seeing a movie in 4D and it was SO COOL. The seat moved, there was air blowing in your face, and at times there were even scents pumped into the theater. The best one was before the movie started there was an ad for grapefruit juice, and you could SMELL the grapefruit. IT WAS SO COOL. I need to reiterate that: SO COOL. Going to see a 4D movie was a bit more expensive (19,000w), but totally worth it. I hope to see another 4D movie wpid-img_20150627_211527.jpgbefore I leave Korea!

After the movie was done, everyone met back up and we took the subway back home. It was a more chilled out weekend when it came to doing things, but some of those can be the most enjoyable weekends.

Here’s some more panda spam. I had a great time that weekend. Ahh. Thankful for many good weekends with good people in Busan.


Next post will be about new food adventures and the monthly foreigner market!
Until next time,


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