GRIDS hostel lounge Akihabara Review: AKA Best Capsule Hotel EVER.

wpid-img_20150801_101837.jpgWhen I first thought about going to Japan, I had the idea of staying in a capsule hotel. Capsule hotels started off as places for business men to crash for the night after a long day in the office. It started as the bare essentials: a bed, a shower, and a roof over your head. Now they’ve evolved into nice places to stay. I’m not going to lie, the capsule hotel I stayed at in Osaka was probably 30-40 years old, or at least it looked like it. It wasn’t dirty or anything, just old and outdated. The capsule hotel I stayed at in Akihabara blew it out of the water.

GRIDS hostel lounge is situated about 10 minutes from Akihabara station exit 1. I got very familiar with this walk in my time in Tokyo, and explored the small streets happily. There were several convenience stores, a nice little park, and even a cool owl restaurant (that we sadly didn’t get to go to 😦 ). The hotel is perched on the Kandawpid-img_20150801_101826.jpg river, in a sleek new building. I don’t know when it was built, but it had to have been within the last 5 years. There are 7 floors, including a spacious lobby area with a bar/restaurant. I only partook in the flavoured water they had out every day, but the staff were all very friendly and welcoming. Our rooms were on the 5th floor, the female only floor. The only floors I went on were the 5th, 7th, and 1st. The 7th floor had a common area with a huge fridge and freezer that was open to everyone. They also had a small kitchen type area that people could use.

Our floor was super clean and inviting. You tap your key card at the door, and then you put your shoes in the corresponding locker. You swap your shoes out for a pair of black pleather slippers and then you’re good to go. I went straight into the nicely air-conditioned pod room and found my bunk. Each day we had new sheets and towels laid out for us, and the friendliest cleaners were always smiling and warm to me. The pillow was a pellet filled/feather hybrid that was pretty comfortable, the blanket was plushy and just light enough for the summer. The pod had THREE outlets and a nice little light. This was great compared to the one in Osaka that only had 1 outlet for the whole pod. I slept 44797169comfortably the entire time I was there, aside from the time I hit my head on the roof of my bunk…

The bathroom area was kind of similar to an airport bathroom, but ten million times better. They had 4 individual shower stalls, one bath tub area, and then 6 bidet-equipped toilets. They also had a large vanity area with 6 sinks, hair dryers, and tissues at every mirror. It was sleek, comfortable, and clean. The open bath area in Osaka was fine, but this was so much better. The pressure on the showers was awesome, and the bathrooms even had lockers for all your stuff. During my time there I had no issues with theft or anything.à

All in all, this hotel was clean, modern, and super travel friendly. And for the most part, for a capsule hotel, it was really quiet too. Sometimes there’s a chance you may hear anything and everything everyone around you is doing and aside from some super organizing travelers and a couple for shouty Russian girls, I had no problems. The staff spoke English very well, were super helpful to my travel companion and myself when we needed anything, and it was just a great place to be. If I head back to Tokyo any time soon, I’ll be staying at Grids for sure.

I booked my trip with, as per usual, and I had no problems.

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