Day Three: Shibuya Scrambling.

Tokyo a go go day 3Day three started out not-so-great. We left the hotel later than expected, I didn’t get breakfast like I had planned, and we decided to adventure out of the Tokyo lines into an area just for Pork cutlet . We were on the hunt for a restaurant recommended by my friend’s friend, and we had made the trek out there in the summer heat, hoping for something great. Well, we did finally make it after getting a bit lost, and we found out the restaurant was closed for summer vacation. (Mushashikoyama will always be somewhere I’ll have to go eventually) There was no way we could have predicted this, and I was a bit more than disappointed because I was starving. All I wanted was a meal! Thankfully we decided on another place, this time in Shinjuku, and we set off.

wpid-img_20150731_133355.jpgI had stopped in a Lawson’s to get a snack (Ritz sandwiches and some chocolate almond milk) and I found some raspberry kitkats, so this seemed to be a good sign. The day was not going as I thought it would’ve, so I was feeling a bit
discouraged. We made our way to Shinjuku and again got wildly lost. I was starting to wonder why people even liked Shinjuku. We kept gettingwpid-img_20150731_134245.jpg stuck over on the other side of Shinjuku. It wasn’t until Saturday that we’d find the cool part of Shinjuku, so I still held a bit of a grudge towards it. We were looking for a port cutlet chain Tonkatsu Waco (I think), We finally did end up finding it, after nearly giving up, and it was inside the department store we were wandering
wpid-img_20150731_142237.jpgaround in front of (cursing Google Maps). We had our overpriced, disappointing tonkatsu, and some weird yam slurry that made me gag, and we were on our way. I decided we would try to make Shinjuku worth it, and we headed to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. Check out my post on that here.


After exploring part of Shinjuku, we hopped on the subway and went to Ikebukuro. I was really excited to see Sunshine wpid-img_20150731_172415.jpgcity, and also find the Milky Way Cafe. We made our first stop the Milky Way Cafe, which was an adorable star themed cafe. I had my sign’s dessert: a Taurus. It was some sort of ice cream yogurt parfait that was delicious. Megan’s came with dry ice and it was really cool. We enjoyed our desserts after a disappointing beginning of the day and then set off into Ikebukuro. I was so excited to see everything, we hit up a few stores and I took Megan into Tokyu Hands. It was a cool experience. It was after looking around that we went into Sunshine City.wpid-img_20150731_173038.jpg

Sunshine City is a big mall that is home to the Pokemon Center MEGATOKYO! It was an awesome Pokemon store, the third that I’ve been to, and it was probably my favourite. They had everything! I was a bit sad they sold out of the magikarp plushes, but what can you do? I picked up a thing or two from the capsules, and then we were off again. I stopped by the wpid-img_20150731_180930.jpgDisney store in Sunshine City, and we wandered through lots of shops. We decided to take a rest at the Starbucks close by, hoping to charge our phones. Unfortunately Japan is a lot more stingy with their outlets than Korea is. We were unable to charge anything, so we cut our losses and headed towards the subway.

It was then that I realized the KitKat Chocolatory was in Ikebukuro. I decided that I’d wpid-img_20150731_181638.jpgregret not going, so I dragged Megan with me to the store. I don’t know what I expected but from videos that I had seen, I thought this place was going to be huge. It turned out to be a tiny department store counter! I ended up picking up a few flavours of Kitkats that I’ll elaborate on in a later post, but I was kind of disappointed by the store. We got on the subway after stocking up on Kitkats and made our way to Shibuya.


I was really excited about Shibuya because I really wanted to see Hachiko. We got the obligatory pictures, and then wpid-img_20150731_200236.jpgwalked around a bit. Shibuya is a really cool area with lots of shops. We even went in the famous Shibuya 109 building. Unfortunately things in Japan tend to close pretty early, around 9pm. I wish that they’d stay open a bit later, especially on a Friday night! We decided to head back to Akihabara a little early as our feet were tired, and after a day of ups and downs we just wanted to rest.wpid-img_20150731_205113.jpg

We stopped at the convenience store on the way home and I had a delicious shrimp/mayo roll, and some other snacks. Convenience stores in Japan are awesome and you can get delicious cheap food for low prices. I also grabbed some snacks including a Black Thunder ice cream bar. If you’re ever in Japan make sure to try a black thunder bar. It’s cookie based and it’s delicious.


After showering, I called it a night and headed to bed. The capsule was extra comfy that night for some reason, and I was out for a solid 8 hours. I was going to get McBreakfast the next day, I was sure of it.

Until next time!

Here are some more shots from inside Sunshine City!


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