Best view in Tokyo: FOR FREE.

wpid-img_20150731_160239.jpgWhen I was Tokyo I saw two of the best views of the city: one during the night at Tokyo tower, and the other during the middle of a humid summer day in Shinjuku. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government building is right near Tochomae station, just outside of Shinjuku. If you go to Shinjuku station you’ll see signs pointing you towards it. It’s on the “other side” of Shinjuku, so opposite all the cool stuff like Godzilla and the Robot Restaurant. I detailed my version of events in my post of about Day 3 and Day 4. Shinjuku is a pretty cool area of Tokyo, it’s more chilled out than other areas, but I came to enjoy it in my time in Tokyo.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government building was a part of my changed opinion on Shinjuku. I really hated Shinjuku when I first got there because it was really wpid-img_20150731_162219.jpgconfusing, I was hangry, and I didn’t know what to expect. When I finally made it to the Government Building, it was like an oasis because it was nice and cool, and best of all, it was free. The building is basically like any government building but they open up the 44th and 45th floors for anyone and everyone to go and look at the city. The building basically houses a lot of the workers for the 23 wards of Tokyo, and most of the city. You can read more about it here. It’s a beautiful building and the observation desk is really cool.wpid-img_20150731_155824.jpg

You line up, go through a metal detector quickly and then you’re into the elevator up to the 45th floor. You can either go to the North or South observatory. We opted for the South observatory because it’s the one we came to first, haha. The elevator goes up the 45 floors super quickly, and though it would have been cool to see outside as you ascended, it was a closed in elevator. You can see so much of Tokyo outside the windows, and there was a lot of information in English, Chinese, Korean, and of course, Japanese posted. It showed you everything you could see out each window. On a clear day you can even see Mount Fuji.

wpid-img_20150731_160147.jpgThe observation deck is open daily from 8:00am – 6:45pm, making it possible to see a nice sunset. Any time would be good to go because it’s nice to escape what can sometimes be madness in Tokyo. It’s nice to just sit up there and watch the people go by. We spent nearly an hour up there, and it was totally worth it. I’d go back next time I’m Tokyo just because it’s one of the best things you can do for free. It’s a great thing you can do with a group of people or even by yourself (woo, solo travel!).

If you’re ever in Tokyo make sure you go to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building!

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