The best ninety minutes ever: Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Review!

wpid-img_20150801_210536.jpgOne of the highlights of my trip was going to the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku.
When I had seen youtube videos (Sharla’s Video and Alli’s video) about the Robot Restaurant, I thought it was going to be some lame, crazy mess of flashing lights. I didn’t know how wrong I was. I laughed so much and enjoyed every last minute of it. It was crazy and weird and fun, it was just a great way to spend a night! It was weird and entertaining and everyone involved seemed to love what they were doing. Let’s start at the beginning though.

You buy your tickets online, or in person at the Robot Restaurant ticket counter. This way you can reserve a set amount of seats, and even sometimes get a front row ticket. I feel like any seat in there is a good seat, but the front row is right in all the action. We ordered our tickets online and they were sort of pricey at about $54 a ticket. This was after the online discount of about $10 off. It was worth every penny though, honestly. If you can, bookwpid-img_20150801_210556.jpg your ticket online in advance. I believe we used Voyagin to book our tickets, but if you look online (Shinjuku Robot Restaurant) you should be able to find discounts, even on the website for the restaurant itself.

We actually had to make a last minute reservation change and swapped our 7pm show tickets for 9pm show tickets, they had no issues with that! My friend did it all on the phone and it happened in a matter of minutes, so it was great. When we arrived at 8:45, we were lead to the Robot Restaurant waiting area. This was in a crazy decorated mirror building that had lights and things everywhere. It was a super cool lobby area where you could buy drinks and snacks before the show. wpid-img_20150801_211250.jpgThis lobby was on the 3rd floor, and the show was held in the basement. They only had one elevator (that was often full of people) and it was really hard to find the stairs from all the crazy decorations. The shows go on multiple times a day so often the basement stairs area is blocked off (so you don’t spoil the show!). We made our way to the filling-up lobby area, where some robot performers were playing some tunes. Two really talented girls sang some songs too, and before we knew it, it was time for the show! The pre-show was really cool, and everyone up there seemed to enjoy their chu-hi (a Japanese mixed drink) and beers. We all made our way downstairs and to our seats.

The stairway down was just as trippy as the show was going to be. I laughed a lot going downstairs because it was just so ridiculous. It was a great journey and set us up for the ridiculousness that is the Robot Restaurant. It was so gawdy and tacky, I loved it.

The stage area is set up with three rows of seats on each side, and an open space in the middle. The center part, where all the action happened was wide. We took our seats (52-54) in the second row, and got ready for the show. You’re wpid-img_20150801_213848.jpgequipped with a cup holder, a narrow table, and a comfy seat. You have to keep your drink in the cup holders at all times (there are robots around! No short circuiting here!). The name is Robot Restaurant so you can also get bento boxes and meals. We opted for chu-hi’s (drinks) and snacks. We got popcorn and I purchased the “robot chips”. They were just plain chips with super cool packaging. You could also purchase other food and even some souvenirs from the show.

After everyone was settled, the show started. I had a general idea of what to expect but my expectations were blown out of the water. It was SO COOL! I often found my mouth hanging open, I laughed until I cried at one point, and often turned to Megan mouthing “WTF is going on!?”. It was such a funny evening; it was probably one of my favourite activities we did on the trip. I don’t want to post too many details of the show because it was way better to be surprised, but just prepare yourself for a wild crazy ride. I’m posting pictures from during the show, hoping not to spoil too much.

wpid-img_20150801_222610.jpgAt the end of our show, during the final dance scene, our robot had his foot catch on fire. Though this was not planned, it was handled super efficiently and made for a funny conclusion. Everyone was OK and the fire was put out really fast. I laughed a lot during the show, but I was scared a bit at the end. After the robot was safe, we all had a laugh about it and then they all took their final bows. If you find yourself in Tokyo, please make time to go to the Robot Restaurant. Each show is crazy and entertaining! It’s certainly a highlight of my trip to Tokyo.



I hope you’ve been enjoying my Tokyo-a-go-go series! I’ve really enjoyed writing it!

Until next time,

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