Day five: Tokyo talk, too-sweet pork, and Tomorrowland.

My FINAL day in Tokyo started really early! I was up at 7am and out of my hotel by 7:30. I love travel days because they require little-to-no makeup and super comfy clothes. The train to the airport went super quickly, and before I knew it I was on my 30 minute trek to gate 99. I think I finished it in less than 30 minutes, but I shopped a lot on the way so I kind wpid-img_20150802_112558.jpgof lost track of time. Airports in Japan can be the best places to get kitkats or other Japanese specialties, and they’re only a little more expensive than they’d be in town. I purchased some Black Thunder chocolates for my coworkers, and a few other things. I also went into the Victoria’s Secret in the terminal (and then ran back out after looking at the prices). Once I was finally at my gate, I had some time to chat with my boyfriend, preparing for his own trip soon to visit me! And I really took some time to absorb what had happened.

I had visited one of my dream cities: Tokyo! I remember being 14 and dreaming of going to Tokyo. It was everything I imagined, as a child and as an adult. It was wonderful and confusing, frustrating and fantastic, and charming. I had a pretty good experience overall, and I got to do a lot of things on my list. Japan is a beautiful country, and I really enjoyed my time there. I’m looking forward to going back one last time before I leave Korea. I really want to go to Kyoto and see the golden temple. It’s a place that has been on my bucket list since I was 14. I was glad I got to experience it without my rose-tinted glasses on. Being in Osaka really put Japan into perspective. I expected Japan to be super easy for me, with my years of anime watching, one year of Japanese language studying, and a general positive travel attitude. It was not very easy in Osaka, and though I had a good time, I was frustrated a lot and felt kind of put-off. Being in Tokyo was a lot easier, it is a very accessible and super accommodating city. There’s a lot of English everywhere. And though there was a lot of English in Osaka, there was much more in Tokyo. I could appreciate Tokyo for things more because of my attachments I developed when I was younger, and I really did. One of the highlights was seeing Hachiko in person. Though it was in a sort of dirty, crowded area (right outside of Shibuya station) I was really happy. I’ve loved the story of Hachiko for many years and even wrote my Japanese speech on Hachiko and how I related it to my dog, Belle.

Traveling is such a great thing, and I know it is a passion for many people. I know that my future is sort of up in the air right now, but I’m enjoying this little bubble I’m in. I hope that travel continues to be a big part of my life.

wpid-img_20150802_113553.jpgOn the plane we were served a weirdly Japanese meal, with pork that was too sweet and delicious fish mixed with rice. There was also a yummy piece of mochi, so I was happy. I watched the first hour or so of Tomorrowland and I have no plans to finish it… Haha. As we touched down in Busan, I was thankful to be going back to my apartment. I spent a good amount of Sunday just hanging out in bed, and cleaning for my onslaught of company.

August has been a wonderful month, and it’s flew by. As September approaches, I’m in my tenth month of work! I’ve had jobs a lot longer before but I worked so hard to become a teacher, and now I’m almost done my first contract. I don’t know what the future holds, but for now I’m enjoying the fear (and excitement) of the unknown.

This series is nearly done! I have one more post planned and it’ll be up very soon! After that I’ll have some monthly recaps for you, and my final month in Busan bucket list!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Tokyo-a-go-go series! I’ve really enjoyed writing it!

Until next time,

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