Hello! I’m Brittany. I’m 23 years old and fresh off the plane in Busan, South Korea. I’m an ESL teacher at a private language school in Hwamyeong, a small neighbourhood in Busan. My life’s goal was to become and ESL teacher and here I finally am. I have my B.A in Linguistics with a focus on Teaching English as a second language. Mostly I just talk. This blog will be my way of sharing my experiences with my world and the world.

My schedule varies from week to week but I try and have one or two posts a week, usually a Monday post to talk about my weekend, and a Thursday-Friday post to discuss my week.

Everything I post has happened in my life, I will not filter anything out unless a friend, or someone mentioned in this blog asks me to. This is my outlet for creativity and this is truly who I am. I’m a very open person and I love to help others. If you have any questions about me, about teaching at a hagwon, living abroad or anything, feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading!

Shoot me a message on any one of my various social media outlets, where I’ll probably respond. 😉


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